TrueClot, Blood Simulant Concentrate 4 1-Liter Packets

TrueClot Blood Simulant Concentrate

LUNA’s TrueClot® Blood Simulant Concentrate is designed to be reconstituted in water for form realistic simulated clotting blood for use in hemorrhage task trainers, moulage and other trauma simulation scenarios. TrueClot® Blood Simulant Concentrate was designed to provide a lower shipping weights and to take up less storage space. These 1 Liter Refills are specifically packaged to be used with our TrueClot® Hemorrhage Trainer Kit. There are four spout packs included in each refill pack. Each foil spout pack contains enough TrueClot® Blood Simulant Concentrate to make 1 Liter of reconstituted TrueClot® Blood Simulant.

Reconstitued TrueClot® Blood Simulant Concentrate can be used with TrueClot®Simulated Hemostatic Gauze or TrueClot® Clotting Solution to create realistic, safe and disposable simulated blood clots.


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