Agilite Gear, Flatevac Fabric Litter


• The FlatEvac™ tactical rescue litter is a super lightweight wounded person extraction tool.
• Built to minimize the bulk and weight of traditional stretchers.
• It has several carry options using either 2 or 4 people, as well as a one person drag option.
• The FlatEvac™ rescue litter is available in tactical black as well as other colors on request.
• The FlatEvac™ not only folds flat and weighs just 3.13lbs (1.42kg), but it is incredibly versatile and is suitable for a wide range of rescue scenarios.
• As well as four handles at its corners for either a 2 or 4 person carry, it also has shoulder straps allowing rescuers to also be able to operate their weapons or to have their hands free to navigate difficult terrain.
• The FlatEvac™ also allows for a one person drag option as well.


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