METTAG Triage Tag Instructional – MT-137i

METTAG Triage Tag Instructional

MT-137i Global Use Emergency Triage Training Tag

The Instructional METTAG MT-137i provides first responders and rescue personnel with the standard triaging features needed for frequent trainings on a prompt and accurate assessment of a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). A quick, easy, and reliable way to asses a victim’s injuries, and to easily record the data in a training exercise environment.

Manufacturer: METTAG

Product Details:

  • Our MT-137i tag is for Instructional and Training use only
  • Half the price of the standard MT-137 tag
  • Printed on recyclable card stock
  • Perfect for CERT and training exercises
  • Comes pre-strung with 30″ stretch nylon string to attach to victim
  • Please note: Bar codes are non-functioning on the training tags

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