Novatech Resources Pte Ltd is one of the pioneering distributors of of tactical medical products in Singapore.  Since 2006, we distribute mission critical medical devices that simplify medical care in austere environments to dramatically empower medical operators to save lives, when seconds counts.

Today we represent leading manufacturers & suppliers of tactical medical products from various countries which include WaterJel (Europe), SAM Medical (USA), PerSys Medical (Israel), Tactical Medical Solutions (USA) etc.


Novatech Resources Pte Ltd has been distributing Zistos Portable Video System in the region since 2008.   Zistos Portable Video Systems is a recognized leader in developing the very latest in technical search, tactical surveillance, industrial video inspection, and cargo & vehicle inspection technologies that enable trained personnel to see and gain access into areas often considered inaccessible. Key systems include hand held, modular, telescoping pole cameras, rapidly deploy-able surveillance cameras, videoscopes, and wireless video options. 


Be it for Urban & Wilderness Survival, Search & Rescue, Emergency Preparedness…. multi tools & knives, water filters, flashlights… whatever you may need in the field, chances are you will find it in our Field Essentials selections.